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 The French Have An Official Accent List ?!....

In France you can choose any name for your baby...... as long as all the accents are on the French Official List.

A couple in Quimper, which is quite ironically the 'Capital of Breton Culture', were initially unable to name their son with the Breton name, Fañch as the accent 'ñ' was not on the French Official List !

However, after a number of protests (who doesn't ike a protest ?), the little boy can now be named Fañch.


French Accent


Google Maps Makes €100,000 For One Very Clever French Commune

One very resourceful Mairie has had a tax windfall of over €100,000 thanks to Google Maps!.

The commune of Marmande had 500 declared pools but by using Google Maps tax officials tracked down a further 300 residents that had ‘forgotten’ to declare their swimming pools !

In France, all major works (including swimming pools!) must be declared to the Mairie and following the works residents are also liable for increased annual taxe foncière and taxe d’habitation payments.

I am sure that now many communes will be keeping a watchful eye on any blue patches appearing on Google Maps !


May- The Month Of Bank Holidays !

During May there are three Bank Holidays (Jours Feriés) and one 'Pont Jour'. If a Bank holiday falls on a Thursday or a Tuesday, then the Friday or Monday becomes a Pont Jour, so in effect another Bank Holiday!..

The French have 11 public holidays a year and goodness knows how many pont jours, but the French are campaigning for more!..

A leading think-tank has suggested adding two more bank holidays, one for Muslims and another for Jews.

The argument is that if a Jew or Muslim wants to celebrate his or her religion, they would need to take a days’ holiday thus exposing their personal religious beliefs to their employer.

Not everyone is in favour of this proposal, another suggestion is that bearing in mind that 70% of the French population are atheists, would be to give all employees a set number of days that an employee can take when they like. This would also be beneficial for businesses as not everyone would be on holiday at the same time


brittany bank holidays

Motorists Beware

Civilian drivers in Normandy are testing unmarked cars fitted with radars embarqués (speed camaras).

Six drivers are taking part in tests to approve automatic speed sensor camera equipment.

The plan is, that civilian drivers, driving unmarked cars will replace 400 gendarmes.

Sécurité Routière says speed is involved in a quarter of accidents and it is thought that these unmarked cars will slow down the traffic.

It is hoped that by September each region will have 30 cars

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For Every Situation A Letter

Iona breaks up from lycée this week and then commences her 12 week summer holiday

She has made some good friends this year and they want to try and be in the same class next year, so they ask the deputy head.

He tells them that they must write a letter to him before the end of term and they must each put a copy of the letter in their application for admission into lycée next year.

'That seems quite straightforward.' I say.

Iona looks at me, incredulously, 'Now we have to find a letter off the internet.'

'You are joking, surely you can write your own letter.'

No, we have to use a particular 'type' of letter, look....

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French Resist Rising Dental Charges

In France, one in five people opt out of dental care because of the cost.

The government plans to pay dentists more for preventive treatments but also plans to cut the prices for crowns. The dentists are TOTALLY opposed to these suggestions and are threatening strike action.

The governments (Assurance Maladie’s) payments to dentists for basic work, such as a filling (€16.87 for a small filling up to €40.97 for a large filling), €28.92 for a descale, €81.94 for root canal and €33.44 for a tooth extraction have remained the same since 1988. These prices are capped.

Dentists say that they cannot make enough money with these capped prices.

However, Assurance Maladie pays €107.50 for a crown but there is no cap, so dentists can charge what they like, and they do!

Dentists argue that they need to charge inflated prices for crowns and implants to make a living.

So, in France, the state pays 70% of what the Assurance Maladie states the treatment is worth. So, if your dentist charges €1,000 for a crown (and some do!) the State will pay €75.25 (€107.50 * 70%) and you will need to pay €924.75, unless you have very very comprehensive health insurance.

It is therefore no surprise that the French public are not proceeding with expensive dental care.

The dentists and the government agree that the system has to change and the most obvious way would be to increase the capped charges for preventative treatments and to introduce a capped price for crowns. But as always, the devil is in the detail....

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The French Develop A Flying Car

Airbus is working with Ita lDesign to produce a two person prototype, called PopUp by 2027.

This prototype will combine the functions of a car, a plane and a train.

The PopUp will be autonomous. As Bill Ford once said, ‘Self driving is a must for any flying car. Most people can’t drive in two dimensions, let alone three’. Hmmm, as far as my driving is concerned he certainly has a point!..

However, PopUp does have a couple of issues that may put a spanner in the works, noise and downdraft (plus a few other issues)

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