Monday, 9th September 2019

Sheep make up the numbers!

This is almost unbelievable but, this is France, so it is completely believable!

Fifteen sheep have been enrolled at a French primary school after parents feared that some classes could close due to lack of pupils.

Jules-Ferry in Crets en Belledonne, a village of fewer than 4,000 people at the foot of the French Alps, was told one of its 11 classes would be closed after student numbers fell from 266 to 261.

More than a dozen sheep were "registered" at the school in a bid to boost pupil numbers.

Local farmer Michel Girerd and his dog came to the school on Tuesday morning with around 50 of his sheep - and 15 of them were signed up with birth certificates.

Parents, children and teachers watched on as sheep, with names such as "Baa-bete" and "Saute-Mouton", were added to the register.





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