Monday, 12th August 2019

Should homeopathic medicines be funded by the state?

Joe, my son, suffers from nose bleeds. Most people get the occassional nose bleed but Joe gets at least one every week and in the warmer months they are daily.

About ten years ago our GP prescribed homeopathic medicines for him, two types of Arnica, one to be taken every month and the other when he had a nose bleed. For the past ten years these medicines have been really effective. Yes, he still suffers from nosebleeds but they aren’t as heavy and they soon stop.

He also takes homeopathic medication for hay fever.

Up until now this medication has been paid for by the state and our mutuelle.

But I don’t think for much longer, a report issued to the French government has recommended that homeopathic medicine should no longer be reimbursed by the French State, as it provides “insufficient medical service”.

Homeopathy costs the State Sécurité Sociale €130 million per year, compared to €20 billion for regular medicine.

I belive that homeopathic and regular medicines should be used together. If homeopathic medicine works then this is much better for us, but of course this is not always the case and then regular medicine should be used. Surprisingly enough, the French government haven’t asked for my opinion!





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