Monday, 22nd July 2019

Speed limit to be increased to 90kph in SOME departments

The speed limit on 400,000km of departmental roads across the country was cut from 90kph to 80kph in July 2018 - a decision that has proved hugely unpopular.

Motoring organisations and local government officials highlighted a lack of consultation at the time, and the gilets jaunes movement highlighted it as a main complaint when the protests first started in November 2018.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said last week that he would be willing to devolve the speed limit issue to local government offices.

But, any return to 90kph speed limits must be "systematically accompanied by measures" guaranteeing "the highest possible level of road safety", he added.

Many departments are now considering restoring the 90kph speed limits on secondary roads but they are concerned about the practical implications, new signage for example will be extreemely expensive.

The number of deaths on the roads in France dropped to a historic low in 2018, with 3,259 people killed, which the government claimed was a victory for the new measures.

However in January and February 2019, casualty figures began climbing again. The government said that vandalism of speed cameras was to blame for the increases.


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