Brittany chateaux

Brittany's Fairytale Castles

Chateau de Suscino

At Sarzeau this ex-residence of the Duke of Brittany is to the south of Vannes. It is extremely well preserved with stunning architecture and the fourteenth century floor mosaics are remarkable and well worth seeing. Pass over the moat, through the portcullis and wander around at your own pace

Chateau Suscino

Suscino Brittany

Chateau de Josselin

Close to our gites with its three majestic towers this fairytale castle dominates the valley of the River Oust. Its striking gothic design is really impressive. Take a guided tour and learn its fascinating story and how it played its part in Brittanys convoluted history -English tours as well as French

Josselin castle

Josselin Brittany

Josselin gites

Chateau de Rochefort-en-Terre

This medieval fortress is set in the beautiful ancient town of Rochefort-En-Terre which, owes its fame to the fact that the famous painters Alfred and Trafford Klots resided there. It holds a collection of famous paintings and traditional sculptures. Even If you're not too interested in the chateau, you must go here just to see the town itself, which is packed full of great places to eat plus small artisanal shops selling all sorts of things

La Bourbansais

La Bourbanais is a lovely chateau that also has a fully fledged zoo within its grounds. A great visit and we have an annual pass we like it so much. You can walk through the gardens and the zoo which are really well laid out, see a display of hunting birds and then visit the chateau itself

La Bourbabsais.

Saint-Savaur Abbey

The Romanesque tower was built in the twelfth century on the orders of The Duke of Brittany although the site itself was first declared holy in the middle of the eighth century. The abbey later became an important centre for trade between the interior and the coast

Guer Chappelle

Just outside Guer- just a few minutes from our gites- is a small sixth century chapel which contains some extremely rare murals and artifacts. You can go there and get a tour in English on Sunday afternoons by the very enthusiastic curator for just four Euros per adult, free for children

Malestroit Church

Construction of this mediaeval church was started during the hundred year war and was added to for several centuries thereafter.. free to visit

Malestroit tourism



La Roche Goyon

La Roche Goyon Fort La Latte draws its name from one of the oldest Brittany families. The Goyon`s became very important. and many of them were members of the Brittany parliament. They built the fort to be their `country residence` and it was designed to display the strength, power and standing of the family.

Three hundred years later the castle was disposed of by the then `Ministry of War` and scheduled as a place of historic interest in 1925. It has been restored since then and is now open to visitors

La Roche Goyon

Things to do in Brittany

Notre Dame Abbey

You can visit the Notre Dame Abbey at Campeneac and see how the nuns live and work. If you wish you may pray in their church. At the monastic shop you can find a selection of the Abbey's products- home made chocolate, biscuits, cakes and stuff

The Fort National

This castle is actually in the sea just off St Malo and was built in 1689 to protect the northern coast. Take an English language tour and enjoy the all round amazing scenery and views

The Citadel

At Port Louis this scary looking fort guards the entrance to the harbour and dominates the coastline. You can either see it from by boat or go inside and explore

Port Louis